Advanced Ultrasonography

ultrasonography-paragon3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique, often used in obstetric ultrasonography (during pregnancy), providing three dimensional images of the foetus. There are several different scanning modes in medical and obstetric ultrasound. The standard common obstetric diagnostic mode is 2D scanning. In 3D foetal scanning, however, instead of the sound waves being sent straight down and reflected back, they are sent at different angles. The returning echoes are processed by a sophisticated computer program resulting in a reconstructed three dimensional volume image of foetus’s surface or internal organs, in much the same way as a CT scan machine constructs a CT scan image from multiple x-rays.

The Paragon Fertility Centre’s Ultrasound department, is exclusively dedicated to fertility and obstetric-related imaging. Each patient will have the convenience of having all of their ultrasound exams done at one location including exams for diagnosis, treatment, confirmation of pregnancy and any obstetrical exams ordered by their obstetrician.

Our sonographers are a team of highly trained professionals who are passionate about providing our patients with the best quality exams in a friendly and welcoming environment. They have an extensive knowledge of fertility, gynecology, and obstetrical ultrasound and continue to educate themselves on the latest advances in their field.



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